welcome to ephelants

ephelants (noun)

1) a group of creatives, entertainers, marketing and business people working together around the world to satisfy the needs and desires of their clients and fans.

2) Family oriented, working side-by-side, fusing experience and knowledge with youthful exuberance

3) Respectful, courageous, mindful, compassionate, driven, loyal

4) What Jay called Elephants when he was a kid

While telling stories is our passion, our proudest achievements come from helping other people tell their stories. We strive to transcend the normal client-vendor relationship into a partnership where ideas and communication travel effortlessly.

At ephelants we say we are ‘Your family in the business’ – and while that might sound a bit cliché, it’s completely true and we couldn’t find a more accurate description of how we conduct business.


“Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.”


Welcome to the ephelants family.



“Filmmaking, like any other art, is a very profound means of human communication; beyond the professional pleasure of succeeding or the pain of failing, you do want your film to be seen, to communicate itself to other people.”

Documents of Love Documents of Love
ephelants Reel ephelants Reel
Stoya Director Gianluca Fellini
HIV PSA – Office Director Arthur Boujenah
HIV PSA – Basketball Director Arthur Boujenah
Mister Go Lightly Director Gianluca Fellini
Steps Director Gianluca Fellini
Roark Director Gianluca Fellini
Grantoo – Do Good Director Gianluca Fellini
ENK Director Gianluca Fellini
Doritos – Better When Eaten Director Arthur Boujenah
iGreen Hi-Tech Frames iGreen Hi-Tech Frames Commercial
Ljubav Do Neba – Ana Stanic Director Gianluca Fellini
Crunk It – Jane Bang Director Gianluca Fellini
A Train – Lufthansa Heist Director Phil Dorling
the Wine Show Director Connor Hurley
Struck Director Jack Bryan
Reject Road Director Nicholas Holmes
Deep Red Dandelions Director Brendan Butler
Another Kind Director Jonathan Blitstein
Marco Polo Director Nicholas Holmes


Check out some of our projects currently in development. We’re always open to collaboration and feedback, so please let us know what you think. At ephelants, we’re all about growing our family and we’d love to have you on board as a collaborator, partner or fan.


We’d love to hear from you.

Send us an e-mail or follow us on any of our social media platforms and we’ll get back to you in a NY minute and keep you in the loop on all that’s going on in the wonderful world of ephelants.



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